Sunday, Mar 29, 202010:01 am to 11:01 am
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What is a Pathfinder? It is a person who finds a new way, road and/or direction to better themselves and others.

This group will be facilitated by different people who may or may not teach classes at the shop. That way you will get a fresh and new experience each time you come.

This group is to help you become closer with people, yourself and with Spirit. We are creating a community of like-minded people dedicated to self-love, healing our bodies and creating healthy, happy relationships. You will be challenged and inspired to think in new and different ways about your life, the truth of who you are and how to move forward courageously.

Your participation is highly encouraged whenever you feel moved to do so. Each meeting will form to meet the needs of the group that week and how we can grow together to be more heart-centered while honoring each other’s experiences and creations.

This weeks guest speaker is Tina Escoto. Tina will be talking about Automatic Writing. Are you curious what Automatic Writing is? Have you attempted to do it on your own and just had problems? If so, after our morning group discussion Tina will be holding a 2 hour class on Automatic Writing. So, if you have ever just wanted to do it with help this the class for you.

If you attend the class after Spiritual Pathfinders, from 11:30-2:30 you will be in a meditative state and will be connecting with your angels and guides to get information that they want you to write out on paper. Tina will be doing a guided meditation and everyone will be doing automatic writing at the same time. But the great news is that you will be writing what is coming to you. For attending the class you will receive a Crystal Pen with the price of the class. Class is $25.

Who knows, you may just channel a book.

Join us each Sunday morning 10-11:30 as we explore new and fresh paths to healing our minds, bodies and relationships together.

COST: $5 minimum donation

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