Most instructors are now offering private classes. Classes will be held at Everything Just Rocks.    .

You will need to contact each instructor to schedule your private class. Each class must have a minimum of 6 paid in full attendees. Instructors will contact Everything Just Rocks for classroom availability so please have a couple of times that you are able to come. You will pay the instructor directly for class. As long as the shop classrooms are available and the instructors are available, the shop is available 7 days a week for your convenience. 
We have been listening to all of your suggestions. Since we are just as busy as you are, Lynn and I have come up with the best solution possible for you, Lynn and the shop. We will be holding one kind of craft class and one tarot class every month and offer private classes as described below. This is the best solution we could come up with. Feel free to join the private facebook groups “Everything Just Rocks – Crystal Craft Classes Group”   and/or   “Everything Just Rocks – Tarot and Oracle Card Group”   This way if you belong to either or both of these groups you may meet like-minded people and possibly create a group of people that would like to create a private class.

Lynn Reves will be offering private group craft and private group tarot card classes.  Please contact Lynn directly at 602-373-9912.  

All other classes you would like to be private please contact each instructor personally to make booking arrangements and they will contact the shop for availability. 

Please have more than one date and time available for your group.  ~Each class will need a minimum of 6 paid attendees in advance. ~May have up to 16 attendees ~All materials are included with your class fee ~You may purchase more crystals for any craft class you are attending ~You may also bring your own crystals to add to your creations

Available times will be as follows:
~Wednesday – Friday after 6pm

~Saturday and Sundays starting a 10am with enough advance scheduling.

~Most classes are 2 hours long with the exception of Crystal Crown. This class on occasion needs more time.  

Craft classes available: (all craft classes have crystals incorporated into in them)  

~Candle ~Basic Wire Wrapping ~Advanced Wire Wrapping ~Bath Tea’s and Bath Salt’s ~Body Scrub’s and Body Butter’s ~Soaps ~Animal Altar’s ~Wire Wrap Tree of Life Pendant ~Crystal Crown – Wire Wrapping ~Crystal Spirit Dolls ~Rings – Wire Wrapping ~Mandala making on a 6” agate slice ~Smudge Fans with various feathers, handles, crystals, shells and special charms Tarot Classes available ~Basic ~Major Arcana ~Minor Arcana ~Court ~Spreads ~Oracle and Angel ~How to incorporate crystals into your card readings.

Please contact Lynn at 602.373.9912