Saturday, Nov 07, 2020 10:00 am to 6:00 pm
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Meet Kharma Lindsey. She is one amazing person with so many talents and gifts. We are blessed that she has agreed to drive down once a month on a do all that she does in

I met Kharma 2 years ago and we became instant friends. And from the day we met it was like we had known each other for ever. Kharma has become one of my personal readers that I go to when I need information and help. She is very accurate and shares different information than other readers. She has her own unique way about her readings and protection work.

Below is what she will be offering:

– 3 card pull-$20- 15mins
– WTF spread-$30-30 mins
– Shamanic energy clearings-$45- 45 mins
– Private spellwork with a jar to take home-$30 and up depending on the workings and crystals added.

Basic Human Design Chart gives you insight to your human hard wiring. It provides you with a glimpse of life path/purpose and the qualities that you are hardwired for. It also provides you with insight to your “operating system” and how best to approach life and its challenges in accordance with your design.

Human Design also uses the “cosmic mirror” of your birth time, place and date of birth. If you wants to schedule a Human Design Chart and Reading you will need that info. Human Design uses astrology, sacred geometry, I-Ching and kabbalah.

Human Design Charts and readings Range from $65-100.

Contact Kharma at 602-561-1808 to schedule you private reading time.

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