Saturday, Oct 12, 201912:30 pm to 2:30 pm
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Presented by : Ron Interpreter

What is Nahaghaji – Ceremony?

It is a personal transformational session hosted in a ceremonial talking circle nurtured in the Navajo healing traditions of Sa’ah Naagháí Bik’eh Hózhóón and invokes the Zen teachings of “self” and “mind”.

You will be immersed in a 2-hour Shamanic Transformational Meditation and Sacred Movement ceremony. This soulful experience is uniquely individualized to expand altered states of consciousness; whereby you become mindfully aware of old and new self-views. And you may choose to integrate these views into a new self-definition that reinforces your holistic existence of your angelic spiritual-self with your daily human-self.


To formulate a personal development plan with mental health outlin to re-align your “self-views”. Self-views are internal personal voices that govern our ability to choose. We will re-align the self-views of Nitsahaskees ~ The Guardians; Nahata ~ The Resistance; Iina ~ The Voice of Freedom; Siih Hasin ~ The Transcendent Voices, Father Sky ~The Divine Self; and Mother Earth ~ the Human Personality.

EXPERIENCES: (This month we will be using the crystal Tourmaline in our experience and you will get to take the tourmaline crystal home with you to keep)

You will be immersed in elements of Earth, Fire, Water, Air and the healing arts of Navajo and Zen Traditions. You will receive holistic treatments of aromatherapy therapy, sound vibration therapy, transformational meditation, and indigenous mantra.

Cost: $22 and you will get to take the tourmaline crystal home with you to keep.

You may pay cash or credit card at the shop on the day of or before on Saturdays and Sundays between 10-6.

Credit card – call Ron at 480-228-3506
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Ron is an Entrepreneur, Practitioner, Philanthropist and father to 3 beautiful children. He is a member of the Navajo Nation with maternal relations of the “White Streak in a Rock” of the San Carlos Apache Tribe, and paternal relations of the “Many Goats” of the Navajo Nation. As an accomplished Intuitive Practitioner; Ron facilitates a healing modality he calls “Beeh Ji Zhoni – Beauty Within” to set healthy intentions and initiate self-discipline to create an abundant lifestyle. Synergistic and conscientious nature of being both professional and amiable, Ron has over 25 years of corporate experience in Human Development, Business Administration, Philanthropy, Human Service, Academic Instruction, and in Film / Entertainment.

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