Saturday, Apr 11, 20206:00 pm to 8:00 pm
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After many years of seeing people come in and out of my shop, seeing them take class, after class, after class and be in the same place year, after year, after year, I have said enough.

I created this class for everyone. Everyone who wants the perfect relationship, who wants to start a business, who wants to help people, who wants to loose weight, get the car of their dreams, have a better relationship with a parent or both parents, who wants to be the best version of themselves they choose to be.

I will teach in this class how the power of thought and actions meet the power of vibration in order to manifest what you want and how to keep it.

However, when manifesting from a place of greed, anger, frustration, bitterness, revenge and/or ego will only lead you down a very dark place where you may get what you want only to loose it or have the universe take it away.

This may be a life changing benchmark event for you.

You will learn:

-How manifesting works with integrity.
-Why manifesting from integrity works.
-Why we manifest things and then it doesn’t work.
-We will identify blockages in you & show how to clear them.
-How your daily thoughts and actions affect your reality.
-How to manifest specific desires in all areas of your life.

My name is Athena Chakeres. I have had 3 serious head injuries and a car accident that left me crippled enough to where I was told I would never be able to play golf again and I am a golf professional. In my learning and healing process I became a high functioning Empath and healed myself and remained a professional athlete. I learned I have 4 of the 6 Clair abilities, hearing, seeing, knowing and feeling. I learned I have the ability to experience psychometry (using senses by touching an object in order to receive information). I became a Reiki Master 20+ years ago so I could heal myself. I was introduced to Jin Shin Jyutsu and became a practitioner, and became an EFT-Tapping practitioner and a SRT practitioner. I also do sound (vibrational) therapy and Chakra clearings. I use crystal therapy in all modalities because it is one of the best ones I have used on myself to heal myself. I love using the crystals on my self and on others. I also use my psychic abilities to channel the highest frequencies and utilize this ability to create what I want from the highest place of integrity. My knowledge of creation is vast and I will do all I can in my power to teach you what I know in 2 hours.

Please have all your questions ready for class. I will “NOT” answer questions that may be answered in the class in the discussion area. Please come to class and learn what it is you are asking about. Thank you.

Investment for this class is $25.

There limit for this class is 40 because that is all the room can hold. I have created 2 classes in case you can not make the first one the second class will be held on Saturday, April 11th from 6-8.

Pay by pay pal at Please include your name/s, a phone number and the name of the class. Thank you, Athena
You may also pay with cash at the shop ahead of class on Saturdays or Sundays between 10-6.

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