Saturday, Dec 21, 201910:00 am to 12:00 pm
Presenter - Future Events : Maribel Hernandez Location - Future Events : Everything Just Rocks

Presented by: Maribelle Hernandez

Come rest, relax, release and CREATE with Belle.

We all know the Holidays may be stressful so Belle has taken time to create this special meditation to help you de-compress and relax.

This experience is designed to assist you with clearing negativity and creating a powerful intention so you can live your best life daily.

You may also use this meditation to hone in on your intentions to draw to you what you want and desire.

Remember, your intentions are your focus, and what you focus on you get. Let me help you mindfully create what it is you want in life.

Come rest your body, calm your mind and release and let go of negativity especially holiday stress.

Align yourself with positivity and joy making your Intention extremely powerful starting out your new year with a bang.


This class Belle will be using Sound Healing, Mindful Guided Imagery and Reiki along with the assistance of candles, ceremonial sage and a room size crystal grid for the group. This grid will assist the group in releasing and transmuting(changing) negativity into joy, positivity and creativity.


Cost of ceremony is $44

To sign up please contact Belle by text at 208-495-6839 or by email at

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