Sunday, Jul 12, 202012:30 pm to 3:30 pm
Presenter - Future Events : Dr. Dawn Tames Location - Future Events : Everything Just Rocks


A Spiritual Gangster Warrior is a person who is on their spiritual path and who shares their beacon of light with the world. Who is able to hold their frequency higher than most so they are not affected by lower vibrational energies.

In this class with Dr. Dawn you will learn:

– What it takes to raise up your frequency game to your next level.
– Removing your blocks:
1. To your deepest seeded fears that are holding you down/back and lowering your light.
2. Blocks that are used against you by others who want to hold you down with fear.
– Learn and acknowledge other areas that may be hidden or covered up that is holding you back.
– Some easy everyday tools to use to raise your vibration, strengthen, align and center yourself.
– Powerfully connect with spirit and your higher self so you may live the life you want.

SOOOOOOO, Are you ready to step up and be a true Spiritual Gangster Warrior?

It’s time to for you to raise your frequency, vibration and light so you may shine brilliantly in the Universe for all to see and experience.

COST: $25

Please pay cash as the door thank you. We will take cards if needed.

See you in class on Sunday!!!!

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