Thursday, May 05, 2022 6:30 pm to 8:30 pm
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Meet my Greek soul sister Vasiliki Dikarou!
She has created an amazing Crystal, Angel and Sound Vibration Meditation.
Vasiliki will be offering a new kind of sound meditation. She will be working with a different, single crystal each week that you will be taking home with you. You will also be pulling an angel card that will be placed on your body to connect with what ever angel you pulled.
If you are reading this then you need to attend this meditation. The crystals and the angels have something to tell or work on you.
So Vasiliki’s questions to you are:
* Is it hard for you to accept and love yourself as you are?
* Are you attracting toxic people and surround yourself with toxic relationships?
* Are you looking to find peace within yourself and love what your precious heart carries inside?
Know it’s never too late. Taking the right steps in the process of healing your inner self helps you discover your self-acceptance, growth, ambition, peacefulness and energy.
I’m here for you. I can show you the way to end pain and to start healing, loving your own energy and finding new and beautiful ways to project it to the world.
Agape is one of the most powerful tools that exists within you… agape is a Greek word for love.
*A* – Acceptance
*G* – Growth
*A* – Ambition
*P* – Peacefulness
*E* – Energy.
Healing session with tuning forks and singing bowls, koshi bells, gongs to help you discover your self-acceptance, growth, ambition, peacefulness and energy.
EXCHANGE: $25 including the crystal you pick that night.
NOTE: Please be 10-15 mins early so she is able to take payments and start on time. Once meditation starts the doors will be locked and no one will be able to enter.
Please contact Vasiliki directly at 480-330-7423. If you do not hear back from her right away please send a text. She has a full time job.
She accepts venmo, pay pal and cash at the door.
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