Saturday, Nov 18, 2017 10:30 am to 1:30 pm
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Hello Everyone!!!!!


Spirit has been mindfully nudging Sharon in her dreams, experiences, deja vu spells, and opportunity, letting her know that it’s time to be bigger in her business.

Now, she took that leap and up to a new level in a big way.

This time is so special for her and us me for three reasons:

1. November is the 1 year anniversary of Coffee & Coaching! In the past year both of our businesses had the opportunity to connect and thrive with so many amazing souls. We want to see us grow together in a BIG way. We seek to have C&C be a place for women to come together in cummunity to honor and respect each others person, opionions, and experiences. ♥

2.As our tribe grows, so does the vision & the love. We are so excited to anncounce that Coffee and Coaching has grown so BIG they are moving in with us at Everything Just Rocks. With our new space and sharons enthusiasum and knowledge, We all have the opportunity to grow together as a community and still meet and share intimately. ♥

Thank you Athena for sharing your time and our space with us!

3. This month we are going to re-visit the Flower of Life. The very first exercise we did 1 year ago at the first Coffee & Coaching. It is a beauitful starting point to viewing your life from a higher perspective. If you attended last year or have worked with Sharon privatley and still have your Flower of Life, I invite you to bring it and see what awareneses you have 1 year later.

We look cheerfully ahead to spending time with our new beautiful tribe of profound women.

We are ready and happy to serve.

p.s. Please read all of the details below on what to expect, tuition, and how to reserve your spot!

We will spend the morning sipping on delicious coffee and tea, eating pastries, and connecting with new and old friends! I will guide the group through a centering/meditation to begin the coaching circle and then as a group, we will engage in a coaching exercise. One Goddess in attendance will have the opportunity for a 1:1, 30 minute coaching session during the circle, while the rest of the group has a chance to watch, thoughtfully listen and hold space, allowing them the opportunity to see what arises for them. We will conclude the circle by allowing everyone to have a few moments to speak their truths and awarenesses.
**plan for a 3 hour engagement**

Life coaching is a way to dig deep and find the answers we have hidden beneath the surface. We will bring light to the feelings, situations, & experiences that are consciously and subconsciously holding you back, putting in place steps that you can take to release and move forward in your life.

I am so honored and excited to share this experience and morning with you!

Please RSVP by emil or text by November 16th
Pre-registration Required
$20 via Venmo or Paypal

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