Saturday, Dec 09, 201710:00 am to 1:00 pm
Presenter - Future Events : N/A

Presented by SHARON ROSE.  Hello Everyone!!!!! 2017 has been transformational, expressive, and grounding. A strong foundation has been laid for creative and community projects to come to life and now is the time to set devotions and intentions. December will be dedicated reflection, processing, and devotion setting for the new year. 🌙Are you ready to step into alignment with your desires?

♥️Are you willing to do the emotional/spiritual/mental/physical work to manifest those desires?

🌙Are you open to facing your fears, honoring them, and being courageous in moving past them? I invite you to journal and answer these questions. See what arises for you and bring your awarenesses with you to circle or post them here in the group and let’s talk about it!

♥️ Our next event with be December 9th, 10a-1p at Everything Just Rocks. Tuition: $20. Reservation Required xxsr p.s. Please read all of the details on what to expect, tuition, and how to reserve your spot! Reservations required!

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