Saturday, Sep 30, 2023 6:30 pm to 8:30 pm
Presenter - Future Events : Sofia Murta Location - Future Events : Everything Just Rocks

FOCUS ON: New Project/Abundance Manifesting

What are you working on manifesting next? Come and harness some of the Full Moon and Circle energy to help amplify your next abundance/project manifestation! Join us for powerful evening of cacao, community, conversation, intention & sound healing
Come experience the essence of Cacao in community. Cacao has been used for spiritual purposes by the Mayan since the beginning of their civilization; it is revered as “food for the soul” and it’s a wonderful heart opening tool, it helps restore balance & harmony all while assisting you on healing yourself. When you experience a Cacao Circle it’s undeniable to not feel her spirit & essence. Currently we are going through an energy shift, one in which we must release old karma and clear karmic contracts consciously in order to raise our vibrations. Come and join us for some collective mindfulness, sound, love & of course Sacred Cacao.
We will be drinking 100% hand made ceremonial grade cacao. It is not massed produced and no machine has ever touched it, from sun drying, roasting, peeling to grinding; with some parts of the process being devolved exclusively to women as doing so guarantees preserving cacao’s natural feminine energy. For it’s no ordinary cacao, but one which is energized with prayer, intention and a great connection to earth & ancestral wisdom.
Circle is all about “us” as individuals in community, we all bring something… usually these things we bring are very strong emotions that we want to release or need help healing in a safe non-judgmental environment. The circle creates the container which is the masculine energy and the work we all do as individuals creates the flow which is the feminine energy. As spiritual beings this has always been our nature, when one heals, we all heal. To understand, feel and experience the conscious circle you are experiencing yourself, each other, your ancestors, angels & guides and ultimately the source/spirit.
Energy Exchange is $40 (Cacao, Supplies & Ticket to Raffle/Basket included)

Presented by Sofia Murta  Energy Exchange is $40 (Cacao, Supplies & Ticket to Raffle/Basket included)

Call/Text 623-377-9977

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