Saturday, Nov 11, 2023 3:00 pm to 5:30 pm
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A Special Healing event for ALL VETERANS

LIfe Coach Volunteers, Rich & Kimberly Humphrey – Specializing in helping Veterans with their Health and Wellness using Ayurveda.

Food Included

Followed by a Soothing Sound Healing by Stephen

Contact Stephen Boatman 623-606-9441

Here is a short bio about Stephen:
“As a U.S. Air Force Veteran I have been fortunate enough to visit other countries and experience different cultures. Originally, I’m from Syracuse, NY. Moved to the Valley in 2009. I have spent many years in the Christian faith learning the teachings of the Bible. Maybe 5 years ago, while feeling stuck and lethargic in my spiritual life, I had the opportunity of trying plant medicine for the first time. This experience opened my eyes to so many possibilities, that I became consumed with finding out all that I could about living a spiritual life. This led me to Meditation and becoming a Meditation teacher. I had been a Meditator for over 20 years but now I was introduced to many other modalities for spiritual growth such as Ho’oponopono, Reiki and Sound Therapy to name a few. I took the time during Covid to train and gain experience using the modalities leading me down the path to becoming a Healer. In my Sound Healing: I provide the participants and myself with a safe vibratory space to place their awareness allowing them to find the essence, the Beginning, the Oneness…the AUM. As I play the instruments, the vibrational frequencies lead us, or points back to Truth…the AUM. This facilitates the treating of Energy blockages in the Chakra system and there by addressing the root of all Illness and Dis-ease, the energetic imbalances of our Body, Mind and Soul. Also, while facilitation the Sound Healings, I teach what I am doing and give tips and techniques that can help with their spiritual health and wellness.


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