Tina Escoto

Tina Escoto


The classes I teach are Mediumship, Chakra Tune Up’s, Psychic, Trance Healing, Awaken Your Gifts Within For beginners 6 week series includes (Angels, Tarot, Pendulums, Crystals, Psychic, Mediumship, Grounding, Protection, cord cutting, Aura’s, Chakra’s, Psychometry, Automatic Writing, Tuning Forks,)

In 1996 I had a spirit visit me and wake me from a dead sleep. That really started my journey in the spiritual world. It spurred a curiosity about the metaphysical realms so I started to investigate different modalities which led me into pursuing this as a career. I think my whole life spirit has been grooming me for this opportunity to serve.

I truly feel that this is a calling for me and I want to reach the masses and open up a whole other world for individuals spiritual empowerment and growth.

Anyone who has a desire or curiosity to learn about the spiritual world in a safe loving environment should attend my classes. I teach all levels and no topic is too crazy. I believe we all have abilities that can be tapped into and used.