Kaysi Clark

Kaysi Clark


Meet Kaysi Clark. Kaysi is a certified Moonologist(tm). She also does astrology readings.

I began studying astrology in 2018 after hearing astrologer Bronwyn Simons talk about the magic of the Moon and how to powerfully align with her cycles. It absolutely changed my life and has become one of the most powerful tools on my journey of healing from childhood trauma and managing multiple mental health disorders. At the end of 2022 I began to get the message from Spirit that I was on the wrong path (I have been a Medicare agent for 10+ years and thought my calling was to transform our healthcare system, shifting gears has not been an easy decision). After 6 months of feeling lost and unsure of where to go, I am finally breaking free from my fear and stepping into this new calling of being a teacher and advisor to share the wisdom and tools that I have learned and developed that have helped me get to a place where I no longer identify as mentally ill. My classes and readings are aimed at helping you find emotional stability and deep transformation. I am living proof that you can overcome deep trauma and dysfunctional behaviors to create a life you can be proud of living! I hope you’ll join me as I step on this new path and find my voice as a teacher and guide!!

She will be teaching: The Metaphysics of Manifesting

The Oxford dictionary defines Metaphysics as “the branch of philosophy that deals with the first
principles of things, including abstract concepts such as being, knowing, substance, cause, identity, time,
and space.” In this class you’ll learn powerful metaphysical tools to partner with The Higher Intelligence
of the Universe to start co-creating your life with deeper meaning and purpose.

This is not a class on the Law of Attraction. Although the Law of Attraction will sometimes work, it’s
principles of vibrating high so you can attract the things you want is rooted in lack and will often repel
the things you are trying to create in your life. It’s not reliable because it’s not the complete picture.

The fundamental principles covered in this class will allow you to move from the old limits of the known
into the limitless potential of the vast unknown. Come learn how to deepen and advance your
Metaphysical, reality shaping skills so you can make a masterful change in your ability to create WITH
and AS Source energy to create a life filled with all the health, wealth, and abundance you desire!!

Please contact Kaysi at this number to book your space in her class 602-775-0773.

Kaysi will also be the main host of our new “Monthly” Moon Party – Pot Luck” where she will be holding a free talk about the upcoming astrological weather (the current astrological season, the New and Full Moons, and any major astrological happenings) while you all enjoy food and refreshments. We look forward to building a new community where we can gather, eat and learn something new!
Kaysi, being one of us, may be trusted in the crazy world of MEDICARE. She has over 10 years of experience as a Medicare consultant and is contracted with all of the local plans. If you are approaching 65, looking to retire, or want to review your plan options, she will help you make sense of all the information out there and find the best plan available for you. She will start to hold these meetings at the shop on different days to help you with your schedule. You may contact her directly at 602-960-8456.