Gullveig  480-878-1022

Gullveig 480-878-1022

Gullveig is the founder of the Amber Serpent Sanctuary. She has been practicing energy healing, yoga and meditation since 2001, when she sought out alternative remedies for the panic attacks, depression, and general overwhelm that she was experiencing at that time. The practice of yoga and meditation opened a pathway of spiritual study and research; through this she found that one of the reasons she had struggled was because she repressed her intuitive gifts that she has had since she was a child. Gullveig has had a teaching and healing practice since 2011, and is a teacher of teachers. She believes the foundation of all healing is in loving all parts of ourselves (even the pieces that aren’t shiny and pretty).
At Everything Just Rocks, she offers her services as an intuitive guide via tarot and/or rune readings. Her Shamanic Energy Healing is especially useful for inner child healing, soul retrieval, and karmic pattern resolution (which is when we have undesirable patterns that show up time and time again, despite our best efforts).
Some of her business-y qualifications include:

  • 800 hour therapeutic yoga practitioner diploma from Southwest Institute of Healing Arts
  • Certified Yoga Nidra (sleep-based meditation) Facilitator, studied under Kamini Desai
  • 20 year practice of energy healing & intuitive spiritual coaching
  • Reiki-master, combining shamanic and polarity techniques to balance chakras, heal ancestral wounds, and integration of lost parts of the self.
  • Experience teaching yoga teacher training, reiki master training, chakras and energetic anatomy, and intuitive guidance.