I have found over my life time that being an empath causes me to be on a roller coaster of emotions. And the great news there is so may things we can do as empaths to lead a successful and stress free life. Yes, it takes time and effort to make our lives as empaths stress free and together we can we can do it.
Being an empath we tend to feel everything from everyone. And it is constant. Sometimes I do not even want to leave my house. Do you feel this way sometimes?
Below are a few questions for you to answer. If you answer yes to any or all of them you are an empath.
1. Do you feel overwhelmed when you are in a store, like the grocery, clothes store, cruise ship, casino, restaurant or anywhere public?
2. Do you feel extra stressed when driving?
3. When you leave a conversation that was negative, do you leave the conversation feeling angry, sad, tired or frustrated or maybe all of these emotions or more?
4. Do you have an issue being in large groups of people?
5. Do you wake up tired?
6. Do you find yourself snapping at people for no reason or get irritated and/or angry quickly in confrontational conversations?
7. If you can think of other reasons you may be an empath after reading the questions above then you are probably an empath.
If you’re an empath you are in luck. There are several exercises you are able to do for yourself to feel better, sleep better and be more productive during the day. And the best part of knowing how to shed these feelings should help you be more present with your friends and family.
In this class I will teach you how to identify when you are being a dumping ground for others emotions, how to stop this from happening and how to release them and let them go.
I was fortunate to meet many people throughout my life that taught me these tools and more so now I am able to share them with you.
Thank you to all that have come across my life path and have helped me so I am able to maybe help you.
Place: Everything Just Rocks
Time: 6:30-8:30pm
When: Friday, March 1st
Cost: $30
For your convenience you may pay:
By pay pal at Please include your name, phone number, class name and date please when using pay pal.
You may pay cash at EJR on Saturday or Sunday between 10-6
Please text me (Athena) at 602-418-4186 to reserve your space and to pay with a credit card. I will call you back to run your card.