Saturday, Sep 23, 2023 11:00 am to 5:00 pm
Presenter - Future Events : Sara Michelle Location - Future Events : Everything Just Rocks



Deepen your ability as a healer, activate your intuitive and psychic abilities, connect to cosmic energy to help heal yourself, your clients, and the planet.

Sound healing gets to the root of illness, pain, and limiting beliefs and allows our bodies to connect with their own power. When our bodies are properly tuned they are capable of doing miraculous things.

Join us for Level 1 Certification of tuning fork sound healing on Saturday and Sunday September 23 & 24th at Everything Just Rocks in Tempe Arizona.


Tuning forks are great to use for personal healing or in a professional practice. You can use tuning forks for stress relief, to instantly calm your nervous system, to assist in meditation and reaching higher states of consciousness, to clear energy from EMFs, to purify your food and water, to energetically clear rooms or spaces, and to relieve physical pain, inflammation or knots in the body.

Tuning forks are light, compact, and easily portable, you can take them with you anywhere.

Tuning forks are also incredible tools that can be used to incorporate into your professional practice. Tuning fork therapy can be used to amplify the healing benefits from massage, sound baths, reiki, reflexology, or other types of energy work. They are also great additions to yoga classes. 

This training is also a great way to widen your professional offerings if you are a massage therapist, sound healer, reiki master, reflexologist, energy worker, or yoga instructor.


-Both days include vegetarian lunch 

-Level 1 Manual and a notebook

-Level 1 Certification after completion of both days

-Sound bath

-Blue Lotus Ceremony


Day 1:

– Introduction to the science of sound and what sound is

– Training on the use of tuning forks in emotional, physical, and spiritual healing with lots of hands on practice

– Introduction of cymatics and the vibrational geometric nature of sound

– How to regulate your nervous system, endocrine, immune, chakra systems, brain waves, and your organs all with sound

– How to reduce inflammation, knots, pain, tension and nerve damage with weighted tuning forks

– How to reach higher states of consciousness through sound; experience some of the same effects of plant medicine without using any substances just the vibrations of tuning forks

Day 2:

– Intro to the ancient use of sound with a focus on ancient Egypt, Greece, Guatemala, and Mexico

– Discussion of esoteric texts from Emerald Tablets, to Pythagoras, to ancient Mayan texts and the use of sound in these ancient cultures

– Hands on practice with a variety of tuning forks to incorporate into your professional or personal practice

– How to sharpen your intuitive, clairvoyant, or clairaudient abilities, or your ability to connect to the other side to those who have passed

– Working with the Akashic Records to learn more information about yourself or your clients

– Tips on how to better serve yourself and the planet through grid work and cosmic healing


Sara Michelle is a certified tuning fork sound therapist. She has helped people heal themselves using tuning forks ranging from sleep deprivation, depression, inflammation, limiting beliefs, birth trauma, and chronic pain – there is so much you can do with sound! She is thrilled to share the power of the tuning forks and information she’s gained working with sacred sites all around the world and from her time living and teaching in Egypt, Mexico, Spain, and Guatemala. She connects the healing power of sound with her scientific background as an engineer and her musical background as a classical pianist.


Level 1: Saturday and Sunday
September 23 & 24th 

11-5 PM both days
Includes vegetarian lunch both days


Level 1: Regular $450

EARLY-BIRD: $380 (paid by September 17th)

Option to buy Level 1 + Level 2 (October 7/8) Package: $800 

EARLYBIRD: $700 (Paid by Sept 17)


Venmo: @Yoursoundtherapist

Zelle: 501.952.5380,


Direct message Sara Michelle for questions on instagram: @the.sound.surgeon or email:

Sara Michelle will be out of reception August 27-September 4th but will respond to your message after that time. 

We look forward to going on a journey with you deep into sound and activating your psychic and healing abilities!

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