Saturday, Feb 27, 202110:01 am to 12:01 pm
Presenter - Future Events : Lynn Reves Location - Future Events : Everything Just Rocks
Lynn created this new crystal and wire class for those of you who love butterflies and dragonflies.
The butterfly symbolism focuses largely on the representation of our life. In many cultures, the butterfly has a deep connection with the souls.
The butterfly spiritual meaning is to help each of us with our creativity, changes, pulsing joy, endless potential, transformation, and spiritual rebirth.
The butterfly meaning and the concept of the symbolism take root from the cycle of the butterfly life.
The dragonfly symbolizes wisdom, change, transformation, light and adaptability in life. It shows up in people’s lives to remind them that they need to bring a lightness and joy to their life.
The dragonfly is also a symbol of the “realm of emotions” from joy and happiness to melancholy, sadness, anger, jealousy and all of the other emotions. It´s also considered a symbol of transformation because of the way that it grows.
You will be provided all materials for this class so that you may create the most beautiful butterfly and dragonfly for you to take with you and enjoy for decades.
This class will be 2 hours and 45 mins. If you finish early you may leave at any time. We just want to make sure everyone has enough time to finish.
All wire wrapping levels are welcome.
COST: $22 all materials included
You must contact Lynn Reves at 602-373-9912 to reserve your space and to pay in advance for your class.
See you in class!
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