Saturday, Feb 27, 20213:30 pm to 5:30 pm
Presenter - Future Events : Scott Evans Location - Future Events : Everything Just Rocks
EXCHANGE FOR THE EVENT IS $22. Scotts time and effort is not free in case anyone is seeing that on their phone.
Full Moon in Virgo Sound Bath using Crystals with Scott Evans
Come and enjoy Scott Evans at Everything Just Rocks.
He created this sound & crystals bath on the Full Moon in Virgo to help support processing deep emotions and your digestive system.
This way you will be able to have a clear sacral and solar plexus chakra and your body will receive the sound that it needs to physically heal from stuck or unaware of stuck emotions.
Scott will be using a mix of crystals and metal singing bowls, chimes and/or crystal pyramids plus other sound instruments to help move out stuck energies with supporting crystals
Virgo Moon Organs: digestive system, intestines, and spleen
This Full Moon in Leo supports the digestive system, intestines, and spleen. So, this meditation will focus both on the sacral and solar plexus chakra.
The Virgo Full Moon is a time of culmination and the promise of fulfillment of that which was started at the New Moon. It is an emotional time – a time of romance, fertilization, and relationships.
This Virgo Full Moon urges us to strike a balance between work and service, practicality and impracticality, criticism and acceptance. With the Moon full and bright in the sky, symbolic “illumination” occurs in our own lives. However, these new feelings and revelations are emotional ones, as there is a sense of emotions bursting forth into our consciousness. It’s time to express ourselves and to let things out of our systems. We need to express them. Of course, we might want to exercise some care while doing so, knowing that what is coming out of us is not particularly rational as yet.
This is an eyes-wide-open time for our work, habits, health, and routines. We are likely to receive strong messages from our intuition.
This Full Moon harmonizes with Uranus, suggesting an easy acceptance of change and progress now.
Digestive system, intestines, and spleen
~Orange Calcite
~Yellow Aventurine
~Yellow Jasper
~Moroccan Calcite
~Fire Agate
~Fire Quartz
COST: $22
Limited to 15 people.
Please contact Scott by text at 480-580-4301.
To pay in advance you may use Pay Pal at…
or Venmo at @Scott-Evans-1111
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