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Sep 2023

Upcoming Events & Classes

Friday, Oct 13, 2023 - 6:30 pm to 8:00 pm

Goddess Belly Dancing Class!!!     Come find your true, inner goddess.     Learn the ancient art form known as belly dance.
Dive in deep, to this mysterious story that is told by our hips as it captivates our eyes and sparks all our imaginations.
You will stretch and connect to your body in a new rhythms and discover creative ways to nourish your body and soul.
Get out of your head, let your hair down, bring a girlfriend and put your feet on the ground and “LET’S DANCE”.
Please feel free to wear your coin skirt or scarves, If you do not have a coin skirt or scarves a long full skirt or yoga pants are suggested. Check in is between 6:30 and 6:45. Dancing starts at 6:45. Please be on time.    COST: $15 per person.
Contact Gloria direct to reserve your space and to pay at 602.451.3313
Cash or Venmo are recommended. Reserve your spot as there are only 11 spaces available.

Saturday, Oct 14, 2023 - 10:00 am to 6:00 pm

Cynthia is an intuitive, plus an angel, tarot and Oracle card reader. She is gifted with having the words people need to hear when they need to hear them.
Your readings may include the following topics:
-Relationships- romantic, friends, family coworkers   -Releasing past relationships or experiences that hold your power
-Shifting energy in your life to create abundance    -Increasing self esteem
Readings are a minimum of 20min at $1/minute – all additional minutes are at $1/minute
To schedule an appointment before Saturday please contact Cynthia by calling or texting her at 602-561-8019 or emailing

Saturday, Oct 14, 2023 - 10:00 am to 6:00 pm

Jane has been a spiritual advisor and tarot reader for decades! She is known for her spiritual consultations that are practical and often teaches useful techniques that empower her clients.
Some of what may be included in your session:
~Deliver messages from your guides
~Help you to become aware and how to hear your guides
~Help you to learn how to apply your instincts and what your hearing from your guides to your everyday life
~Learn how to trust what you are hearing from your guides
~Teach you how to protect yourself from low vibrational energies
~Help you learn why you may be experiencing road block to your spiritual path and growth
Jane’s goal is to support you on your spiritual journey and your personal growth and gives you common sense solutions!
Readings are $45 for 1/2 hour and $90 for a full hour.
Jane accepts cash, cc and zelle.
Please contact Jane directly at 480-217-9403 to schedule your private session.
Meet Lynn Reves. Lynn has many gifts that she shares with us at our location. Teaching people how to read oracle and tarot cards is one of her amazing gifts. Lynn has re-created her classes so it does not matter what level you are in your oracle or tarot card reading. You may now attend any class in any order. This way you may come as you can and still not miss anything.
This is Lynn’s “How to Spread Your Cards” class. She will be teaching you many different spreads so you will have enough to work with for different issues.
You will also learn in this class:
-How to tell the story the cards are presenting
-How different spreads tell different story’s
-How to use different spreads for personal use
-How to determine which spreads to use for readings for others
Lynn’s goal is to help you build your confidence using your tarot cards. You never know, you may just make a business out of your new found love of Oracle and Tarot Cards reading.
This class is for everyone those new to oracle or tarot and those who already read Oracle or Tarot Cards or have taken her Basic Class.
If you have your own Oracle and/or Tarot decks of cards please bring them, If you do not have a deck you may borrow one for class.
Cost: $20
Please contact Lynn to RSVP your space at 602-373-9912,
To pay for the class you may pay her by CC at 602-373-9912
Pay Pal at
You may pay in cash at the shop Saturday’s and Sunday’s between 10-6.
See you all in class.
In this class Lynn will be teaching you how to make a 2″ tree of life pendant with copper wire and beautiful colored crystals and stones.
Ideas for you to think about for your tree may be a Chakra, Birthstone, protection, communication, love, etc…
Materials provided will be:
-1 pre fabricated flat copper ring
-24 gauge wire to create the branches
-An assortment of pre drilled stones
Colored stones
Bring your own tools if you have them. If not we will have tools you may use for class.
We have also put kits together for your convenience if you wish to purchase any extra to take with you.
Some wire wrapping experience is helpful, but not necessary.
COST: $22 all materials included
Please arrive five to ten minutes early so we can start on time.
Please contact Lynn at 602-373-9912 to reserve your space. (Please note she has a full time day job so please be patient with her response time.)
pay by pay pal at
pay by cash at Everything Just Rocks on the weekends from 10-6.

We look forward to seeing you in class ~ Lynn and Athena

Saturday, Oct 14, 2023 - 6:30 pm to 8:00 pm

Join us the second Saturday of every month for a special cosmic sound journey and meditation with tuning forks and ancient Egyptian healing to:

-unlock dormant creativity

-surrender to cosmic sound healing for cellular healing

-receive ancient vibrations through the body activating DNA energetic upgrades 

-deep meditation for relaxation and nervous system reset 

-one on one tuning fork therapy

We will begin with light breathing and a meditation to drop into our bodies and fully surrender to the cosmic sounds for deep relaxation. While in meditation enjoy the vibrations of the tuning forks to calm your nervous system and receive healing vibrations throughout the body. During the sound journey we will connect with ancient Egyptian healing through sound and vibration and connecting to the cosmic energy. 


6:30-8:00 PM

Everything Just Rocks in Tempe Arizona


Regular: $40 Day of

EARLYBIRD: $30 (paid by Sept 8)


Venmo: @Yoursoundtherapist

Zelle: 501.952.5380,


PLEASE INCLUDE: Your name, date of course, description of course (i.e. Sound Journey), email address and phone number in the payment in case I need to send any additional information.

Direct message Sara Michelle for any questions on instagram: @the.sound.surgeon or email:

Note: Sara Michelle will be out of reception August 27-September 4th but will respond to your message after that time.

I look forward to going on this journey with you! 


Sunday, Oct 15, 2023 - 10:00 am to 6:00 pm

Spirit artist and tarot expert Rachel Srinivasan will be at Everything Just Rocks offering tarot and spirit art readings.
Rachel uses a combination of her intuition and her expert knowledge of the symbols of the Tarot to offer keen insight and guidance.
Spirit art is a channeled piece of artwork depicting a passed away loved one, spirit guide or related information from the spirit world. It is a form of mediumship in which the spirit communicates through art.
Even the artist doesn’t know whose being drawn until it comes through. All the while, Rachel will be giving a mediumship reading in regards to the person being sketched.
Highly recommended!
$75 for 30 minutes and a dollar a minute or $150 for an hour length reading.
$45 for a 30 minute tarot reading.
Please RSVP to Rachel for an appointment at 402- 680- 3296.
Walk-ins welcome based on availability.




Sunday, Oct 15, 2023 - 10:00 am to 6:00 pm

Lynn is one of the best tarot and oracle card readers I have ever met. In recent time she has added crystals to her readings.
We are happy to have Lynn to come and do private readings here at Everything Just Rocks.
Lynn also teaches how to read Tarot and Oracle cards and all of our Art Classes here at the shop.
Tarot cards are one of her favorite spiritual and transformational tools. Whether it is traditional Rider-Wait deck or a trending artistic style, symbols and art tell a story. She have many decks to choose from.
Your reading will customized to suit your quest. Her favorite decks to use are Angel, Fairy, and Native American themed tarot. And she has traditional Tarot desks as well. Allow Lynn to help you see clearly the direction that is most helpful for your situation. She also has a great selection of Oracle cards to add depth and clarity to your reading.
READINGS WITH LYNN are $45 for 1/2 hour and $90 for a full hour.
To schedule an appointment please contact Lynn at 602-373-9912
PLEASE NOTE: Lynn has a full time job, so be patient with her responding to you.  Texting could be a better way to communicate with her.

Sunday, Oct 15, 2023 - 11:00 am to 1:00 pm

Join us for a powerful mini workshop and learn how to align with the cycles of the Moon to find emotional balance and create the life of your dreams! In this mini workshop we’ll explore the 8 phases of the Moon and how to align with the energies of each one to bring focus and power to your manifestations, as well as the Moon through the signs to become more in tune with our emotions as she moves through all 12 signs each lunar cycle.

$25 – Includes a small workbook packed with Moon info, journaling pages and more!!

Kaysi Clark 602-775-0773


I began studying astrology in 2018 after hearing astrologer Bronwyn Simons talk about the magic of the Moon and how to powerfully align with her cycles. It absolutely changed my life and has become one of the most powerful tools on my journey of healing from childhood trauma and managing multiple mental health disorders. At the end of 2022 I began to get the message from Spirit that I was on the wrong path (I have been a Medicare agent for 10+ years and thought my calling was to transform our healthcare system, shifting gears has not been an easy decision). After 6 months of feeling lost and unsure of where to go, I am finally breaking free from my fear and stepping into this new calling of being a teacher and advisor to share the wisdom and tools that I have learned and developed that have helped me get to a place where I no longer identify as mentally ill. My classes and readings are aimed at helping you find emotional stability and deep transformation. I am living proof that you can overcome deep trauma and dysfunctional behaviors to create a life you can be proud of living! I hope you’ll join me as I step on this new path and find my voice as a teacher and guide!!



THIS CLASS IS $15/PERSON! This class starts at 7pm Phoenix, AZ time.
Come join our weekly Mediumship Development Circle Group led by our very own Tina Escoto Psychic/Medium.
By joining us weekly you will practice, learn and grow your own psychic/mediumship abilities in a loving and supportive environment. By committing to attend on a weekly basis you will be putting out to spirit that you are open to expand your communication and psychic and mediumship abilities. All levels are welcome, no experience is needed.
This class that will be held every Monday night from 7-9pm. So come every Monday night and learn to expand your gifts in our evening circle group.
All are welcome.
If you have questions or would like to let Tina know you are attend please text her at 480-220-9233.
Cost: $15.00 (cash) $20.00 (Zelle, Venmo, Credit card) Facebook Mystic Horse Journeys


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