Saturday, Sep 21, 20193:00 pm to 5:00 pm
Presenter - Future Events : Tashi Lam Location - Future Events : Everything Just Rocks

Presented by: Tashi Lam

What is Qigong?

Qigong are movements that help improve and maintain health by recharging your Qi/Vitality/Prana/Ki/life force.
A healthy river is one that moves. Some 70% of a human body is water. If the fluids are not moving properly, the body becomes stagnant. Using Qigong will help you recharge you circulation of lymphatic, cardio, and all fluids/energies in the body.

Qigong is said to help:
• Release stress by reaching Wuji or balance. • Improve circulation of the cardio and lymphatic system.
• Breathe the right way and move the right way.
• Activate your core energies.
• Cultivate your own Qi with this practice (increase energy).
• Be sensitive to your own Qi after practice vs. prolonged practice.
• Strengthen digestive functions – ease constipation.
• Reduce waistline.
• Sleep well.
• Prolong your life with quality living.
• Strengthen your bones, joints, and tendons.
• Reduce risk of accidental falls with better balance.

COST: $30 at the door, cash or credit card
$25 pre-registration at this link for pre register
$20 each pre-registration if you bring a friend use this link if 2 sign up.
You may pay cash at the shop on Saturday or Sunday’s from 10-6.

Qigong DVD of Tashi is retail at $40. If you attend the class, you will get 50% off retail which is $20. please use this link to purchase your DVD offer. After class you will receive your DVD.

Contact Tashi for any questions at his email

Bio on Tashi Lam:
He started his internal martial art training with White Crane Kung Fu Grandmaster Ru Hu Zhu in 1995. He opened his own school in 2004. He tudied: with Sifu Lloyd Day for “Kenny Gong” Hsing Yi/Bagua in 2004, with Grandmaster Chris Matsuo/Sifu Ray of Dragongate Sanctuary in 2005, Kunlun System in 2007 with Taoist Grandmaster Max Christianson (became an apprentice in 2011), energy work with Marsha Craven, Auricular Medicine with Dr. Lichun Huang, a world-renowned Auricular Doctor. Tashi’s background brings a unique perspective to his classes.

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