Sunday, Nov 10, 201912:00 pm to 6:00 pm
Presenter - Future Events : N/A Location - Future Events : Everything Just Rocks

Come and meet Andrew Ecker!

Who is Andrew Ecker you ask?

He is one of the most well regarded drum circle leaders that I personally know.

Andrew has risen from the ashes of childhood trauma and found the medicine of his Sacred 7. This medicine he uses in service to community each day in Phoenix, AZ with his beloved fiance by his side. Doing healing work with the drum in psychiatric lock-downs, memory cares, cancer treatment centers, drug rehabilitation centers, bereavement groups, among many others. He is a speaker, an author, a drum circle facilitator, a musician, a sound healer, a teacher, a community bridge, an artist, a father, a fiance, a brother, a son, a cousin, a friend….

Come and meet Andrew, purchase a personally signed copy of his new book, Sacred 7: A Path to Finding “The Wholeness” of Self Identity at Everything Just Rocks. He will be signing from 12-6 on Sunday, November 9th after his presentation at Spiritual Pathfinders in the morning which is from 10-11:30.

A private message from Andrew:

“Many of us go through a confusing and painful process of trying to find ourselves. Swayed by the influences of our culture’s environmental, social, and spiritual pollution, we have been left drunk on pain, immersed in victimhood, and captive to suffering. With all that this modern age has to offer, so many of us have lost connection and relationship to the things that matter most. The Sacred Seven offers a foundation and a path for opening our hearts and freeing our spirits and for building relationships with what is most sacred and true in life. It can provide a means to profoundly connect with the people in our lives, the world we walk through every day, and our innermost true self.”

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