Saturday, Sep 07, 201912:30 pm to 2:30 pm
Presenter - Future Events : Peggy Bean Location - Future Events : Everything Just Rocks

Presented by : Peggy Bean

Meet Peggy. Peggy has amazing knowledge of essential oils. Over the past year we have become good friends and found that she has an amazing knowledge of Crystals as well. She will be holding a class once a month on different days of the week. So watch for her classes.

Peggy believes, like we do, that crystals are a gift from Mother Earth created by the natural energies of the planet, similar to essential oils. She has taught me about the root of using crystals in conjunction with the essential oils as a powerful tool for healing. Usuing crystals and oil date back thousands of years.

Crystals naturally hold the ability to amplify the positive effects and energy intelligence of essential oils. Used together, a synergistic effect between the two offers profound healing on all level that may not be able to be realized otherwise.

In this class you will discover the beauty of working with Essential Oils, Crystals and Chakras

You will create your own personal Essential Oil, Crystal blend rollerball to take home with you.

-Learn which crystals have an affinity for certain chakras

-Learn which Essential oils enhance each of the chakras

-Basic overview of Essential Oil

-Basic overview of Chakra’s

-Basic overview of 10 different Crystals

-Matching Crystal, Oil Blends for each Chakra

-Affirmation for each Chakra, Crystal, Oil blend

-Understanding of the Personalized energy healing process

-Gain information to help you begin to develop a sense of intuition of which Crystals and Oils will help enhance your mediations, healing and/or your spiritual practice.

Cost of this class is $25
(You will create your own personal Essential Oil, Crystal blend rollerball to take home with you.)

Please RSVP to Peggy Bean at 602-633-4472

Please make Payment by PayPal at
To pay by cash you may come by Everything Just Rocks on Saturday’s and Sunday’s between 10-6

See you in Class!

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